Terms and conditions


  • By signing up for the OBUTRAINING services and making payment for our service, you agree to the terms of use. We may update the terms of our services at any time, and such will be effective immediately.
  • Continued use of our website and services after an update to the terms and conditions constitutes a confirmation of your acceptance of the new terms.
  • Our arrangements with mentees are subject to the terms and conditions provided here. We always work in good faith with mentees, hence, we are always particular and transparent about our terms and conditions.


  • Registration, submission of the RAP, checking plagiarism and payment of the assessment fee to OBU are responsibilities of individual mentees.
  • We are only liable to provide “Mentoring Services as per the guidelines of OBU in other to bring about a successful outcome from a mentee’s project. We do not provide writing services of any sort.
  • Mentee to ensure that the eligibility requirements are met before enrollment to the mentorship program.
  • Mentor-mentee relationship and the meetings shall be in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in the latest Information Pack
  • The mentor shall provide detail review and comments on the deliverables
  • Mentee to address all review comments.
  • Use of Mentor’s detail for submission is only permitted upon agreeing with the mentor that the deliverables addressing the assessment criteria with the expected quality.
  • Deferments of research reports to subsequent periods would be charged in full base on additional hours needed and this is applicable to all future deferments.
  •  The mentoring fee paid is for a  submission period. However, in the event of failure, we provide free mentoring for, and only for, the next immediate attempt. e.g period 33, the next attempt must be period 34. otherwise, the policy on deferment will be applicable.
  • Mentee to adhere to the agreed timelines on the draft deliverables to facilitate timely review. Otherwise, deferment policy will be applicable if the mentee defers the research report due to inability to meet up with deadlines


  • Mentorship fee excludes the submission fee to OBU and costs for plagiarism check from Write check and any applicable bank transfer charges
  • A 50% refund shall be provided should the decision is made to discontinue the mentorship program within 15 days of enrollment and none thereafter.
  • Any mentee found liable for academic misconduct, such as intentional plagiarism, will be automatically disqualified from our OBUTRAINING mentorship program and no refunds will be permitted.
  • Rude, offensive, impolite and abusive behavior to the mentor may lead to termination of the mentorship service and only 30% of the unused hours fee will be refunded in these circumstances.
  • All mentoring activities will stop if unpaid mentoring hours in any month is not paid by the end of the month


  • All mentees should expect meetings and communications with mentors to be electronic: Skype, emails, WhatsApp, and phone calls.
  • We don’t do physical interactions as we provide all services remotely.
  • All mentees are expected to be in control of quality internet access and a good phone that allow WhatsApp usage
  • Two to three working days is expected for mentors to get back to mentees on research report sent for review
  • During mentoring section, No abusive and unprofessional words is permitted.