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    OBU Mentoring services and fee

    Premium mentoring service – £90 per hour(or Dollar equivalent at the point of payment)- Estimate of six mentoring hours in total @ exchange rate of  #170 ( 30% reduction available for developing countries)

    • Payment above excludes submission fee, Plagiarism check fee and any bank charges
    • Minimum initial payment is three mentoring hours.
    • Subsequent payment is made in arrears in the month mentoring hours are used.
    • All outstanding mentoring fees must be paid before submission
    • Payment will have to be made for any additional hours needed by the student

    All mentoring fee is for a single submission period.

    MSC University of London Supervision
    Per module $550 @ Exchage rate of #218
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    Account details   ZENITH BANK

    Account Name Hedge Derivatives Company

    Account Number  1017861079

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