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Business software set up

Business software set up will assist in setting up appropriate frameworks in organizing, tracking and recording various business information. This is suitable for clients who are moving from one software to another or using business software for the very first time.  The following are the list of what you should expect.

–        Setting up various segments of the business on the software.

–        Setting up controls and users on the software.

–        Setting up all chats of accounts  

–        Setting up a backup system

–        Training all the staff on the usage of such software.

Strategic reporting

Reporting on business performance and performing all compliance activity monthly is critical to the success of the business. The following are the list of what you should expect.

–        Recording transactions and Performing all accounting month end closure activities for your company

–        Reporting on the statement of financial position and performance and cash flow statement of the company

–        Reconciling the bank statement.

–        Producing a robust data analytical view of the business performance for strategic discussions.

Financial Advisory

You may be introducing a new business strategy in your business or expanding another segment of the business or investing in a new business entirely. Understanding the strategic and financial impact of all of this is key to your overall success. The following are the list of what you should expect.

–        Robust external analysis of your strategic choices and decision using applicable model

–        Preparing the impact of the strategic decisions on the financial statements

–        Understanding the financial impact of debt and liquidity on the financials.

–        Discussing the best strategic options for your decisions.

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