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About Obutraining

OBUTraining is a foremost mentoring organisation that assists ACCA students and members in achieving their academic and career dream of bagging the Oxford Brookes University Degree in Applied Accounting and MSc University of London. Through our experienced, passionate and success-focused pool of registered mentors we have assisted over 300 students successfully

Our unique mentorng styles in 3 steps

All of our mentors are not only registered mentors, they have also gone through the process of writing and passing the RAP

Input stage- Step 1

We provide quality materials in the form of articles and videos for background reading and technical understanding for a quality output.

Output stage - Step 2

We provide a detailed review and relevant discussion at every stage of the research report. We work with you to ensure the RAP is perfected.

Final Review – Step 3

After your direct mentor, as part of the overall internal control, Our review department performs a second review on your research report.

Over 250 successful students

  • No chance for lazinessNo chance for lazinessSulaimon Jolaoso

    OBUTraining mentors are on point! My experience with my mentor here – Mr. Adewumi was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and his quality experience did the magic of my pass grade. With OBUTraining team, no chance for laziness. They tutored and encouraged me throughout the exercise. Nothing will be passed by them except quality. My advice for all mentes preparing for coming submission periods is to prepare their minds to work very hard as there is no short cut to success here. You have to be original. You have to work very closely with your assigned mentor here and listen to their advises and guidance. I sincerely appreciate their wealth of knowledge. I also appreciate our able and qualitative striker from Singapore – Mr. Shan. He is a man blessed with knowledge and skills, which he always uses to help mentes here. Thank you Sir for your help. May God continues to bless you all. I wish everybody success. With OBUTraining, there is no cause for alarm in passing your project with good grade!

  • Upper second class honours.Upper second class honours.Doris Gordon-Ononiwu

    I want to say thank you to Obutraining. Special thanks goes to my mentor Adewunmi Obadina. I was awarded with upper second class honours.

  • I was scared at firstI was scared at firstCharles Ketuojoh Odogwu (ACCA)

    I was scared at first, but then i gained so much confident through my interactions with the OBUTraining team. I made it at first attempt. Thanks to Mr Adewunmi, Mr Shan and all other OBUTraining team members.

  • B at 1st attemptB at 1st attemptOdeyemi Abidemi

    Success is sweet and it becomes sweeter when it is achieved once. I collected OBU training flier at one of the ACCA exam centres and I decided to give it a trial. Thank God I did, through their mentoring and guidance I was able to achieve grade B at 1st attempt. OBU RAP is very technical, is not about how brilliant you’re to pass it but it requires experienced mentors like OBU Training to pass the RAP at 1st attempt because they have zero tolerance for failure. I’m an average student, not too skillful when it comes to writing sentences but with the help OBU Training mentors, I made it at 1st attempt. Pls give it a trial.

  • An uncompromising OBUTraining groupAn uncompromising OBUTraining groupAkinlotun Oluseun

    I got to know about OBUTraining through their website, the testimonies on the site seems unbelievable but I had to put a call through to Adewunmi anyway. I expressed my sincerity about lack of flair/capacity to write N7,500 words but he was so optimistic that I can do it. Today I have the bsc through an uncompromising OBUTraining group.
    I would like to say, it is in deed an A project but I got c because it’s my second attempt.


  • I made it at first attemptI made it at first attemptPascal Ukoha

    The dedication, support and motivation of my mentor was remarkable. I made it at first attempt thanks to OBUTraining Team. Special thanks to you Mr Ade, Mr Shan, Mr Kency and others.

  • I got a B gradeI got a B gradeAbiodun Lawal

    I was fascinated by the testimonies of people who had gone through OBUTRAINING unique mentoring program and without a second thought, I decided to pitch my tent with them.
    At first attempt, I got a B grade in my RAP thanks to the quality of mentoring I got. I recommend OBUTRAINING to prospective mentees out there.


    I am an experienced tax manager in a Big 4 firm but passing the RAP goes beyond this. I Passed with first class honours, (RAP grade B), on my first attempt. The trade mark called OBUTRAINING in Nigeria is an icon of success for everyone who is ready to jettison his or her ego, devote time and yield to these guys’ professional guidance. Ade and Timothy, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for aiding me to bridge the HND-BSc dichotomy I have been experiencing over the years

  • Glory be to God in the highest. I made it on my 1st attempt. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the mentors is remarkable. For that I will forever be indebted to OBUTRAINING.


  • I MADE THE RIGHT DECISIONI MADE THE RIGHT DECISIONAdekola Adewusi is one of the best out there. I couldn’t have asked for more. The mentors were so helpful to me and whenever there was anything I needed or didn’t understand they were always there helping me through my thinking process. The OBUTRAINING experience was definitely one that I will never regret. It was quite possibly one of the best decisions of my life and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to be mentored by them. I would recommend them to anybody.


    The dedication, support and motivation of my mentor was remarkable and enabled me achieve my dream. OBUTRAINING was very helpful and I am very grateful for their support. I am indebted to them. Thanks you to Timothy and Adewunmi.


  • When I was to start my oxford brooks research project I was disheartened because I did not know where to start. I was later introduced to OBUTRAINING’s mentorship program and I gave it a trial reluctantly. The process was fun as I was introduced to financial models and analytical writing. All the OBUTRAINING rules for success were actually placed at my fingertips. My project was properly reviewed before submission and when the result was released I got a C grade which gave me a second class. From that point I was also determined to help others.

  • IT WAS A BIG JOYIT WAS A BIG JOYEsther Kolade Oluwakemi

    At the 11th hour, I needed success in this project in order to get promoted at my work place. It was a challenging journey for me because of the high failure rate of students attempting the project. I summoned courage as the presentations of the experts at OBUTRAINING was convincing. At the end of it all, I did not only pass the project but also had a B grade.  OBUTRAINING is doing an awesome job and I will recommend them anytime, any day!


    Coupled with my long years of banking experience in the internal audit unit, I had other professional qualifications, but it still did not change the fact that I was an HND holder. The discrimination of not having a BSc still remained until I met with OBUTRAINING professionals. The young professionals at OBUTRAINING are resourceful and have wide experiences mentoring students. They are all ACCA qualified and registered  Oxford Brookes University mentors. I had a C grade and all my friends that enrolled for the mentoring program also passed their projects. I recommend OBUTRAINING.

  • With the level of commitment from the OBUTRAINING experts, I was convinced that I was going to pass the project and I ended up getting a C grade. Prior to my enrolment, I had to confirm their success rates and I found out that all the success testimonies were actually authentic. I also made a decision to join the OBUTRAINING team as mentor to help other students too.


    Getting a Bachelor of Science degree from Oxford brooks university was an opportunity, that must not be wasted. I and my loved ones panicked because I couldn’t afford to loose the opportunity. OBU TRAINING made my day on the fateful day I saw my result, I had a C grade. Thank you OBU TRAINING, I recommend you to the world.

  • I GOT A “B GRADE”I GOT A “B GRADE”Okpara Chichi

    I was writing my optional papers and I needed some fast approaches. OBUTRAINING was on point with their flexible training and mentoring arrangement which includes meeting on Skype, ensuring you take responsibility on key areas, quality review and application of the Write-check software to identify plagiarism. I got a ‘B grade’ considering I had a short period of time. Since OBUTRAINING was lunched, the success rate has been really high and this is due to a high standard of quality review in place.


    This is not common; an A grade leading to a first class. Let’s face it, OBUTRAINING has some secrets every one needs for success. My project was monitored and reviewed effectively leading to an A grade. The fact is, I didn’t believe I could have an A grade. OBUTRAINING helped achieve this. I authorised the organisation to use my identity. These are qualified ACCA young professionals impacting lives. (They have the secret! Give them a trial!)


    It was the third and last time submitting the project. But this time I decided to take a step further from previous attempts.

    After submitting my project for their review, the project was scrutinized and filled with red indicators, the areas I needed to amend. The result was released and I passed this time with a first class. Many thanks to OBUTRAINING.

  • I was on my second attempt and needed desperately to pass this OBU RAP of a thing. I bless the day I made the decision to use OBUTRAINING. I had heard they were approved Mentors. As this is this a testimony, you should know that I passed with their help. I recommend OBUTRAINING.


    How could I have passed my project without an experienced mentor? OBUTRAINING mentors are skillful and without a doubt, experienced. I was able to tap through to their years of experience. And my project mentor even showed a positive attitude while reviewing my work. I am saying thank you to all the team at

  • If anyone wants to pass the RAP at first attempt, should be the number one choice. They were involved in my RAP as if it was their own. Moreover, it felt like my mentor transferred his level of confidence and skill to me during our three meetings. His advice has not only helped me in my RAP but has contributed to my career growth. Thank you so much

  • was a huge platform for me in achieving the prestigious degree, the in Applied Accounting. The approach of mentoring was unique and interesting. It is stress free for both the mentor and the mentee. I will like to say my special thank you to all in the OBUTRAINING team for their professional guidance during my OBU research paper.

Our articles can get you the success you need

The information pack

This article is to provide basic information on the various key changes of the new information for both new and student resubmitting. Get the current information pack now

Chose an appropriate Topic

This section is devoted to choosing the appropriate topic, understanding the structure of the key topics and suggested models that address the requirement of the research report topic title.

How to write a successful RAP.

All you need on referencing, research objectives and approach, the research report structure, the skilled and learning statement, the PowerPoint presentation and RAP assessment criteria

Meet Our Team

Our mission is to guide individuals and entities towards career and business emancipation through education, research, knowledge and sustainable support. We are an ethical organization and price ourselves very high in the maintenance of this standard. We are passionate about what we do and have our most motivating element engraved in student success.

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